MEDICAL SENSOR INERTIAL SENSOR I/0 MODULE WIRELESS SENSOR SERIAL TO ETHERNET -COMPUTER ON MODUL – DISPLAY TFT ENGINEERING CUSTOM -.ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLING INTELLIGENT MODULE GRAPHIC LCD COLOR SMT THROUGH HOLE ASSEMBLY MEDICAL DEVICE INDUTRIAL AUTOMATIONS Software consulting- hardware development software development Breakout boards Open frame Panel PC automations Sensor Medical Modem Box computer design chip on bard turkey manifactur prototipe production BGA assembling electronic productions I/0 card Box computer Smart module single board computer ARM®CORTEX A8 ARM® 9,ARM®11 Wireless solutions Approval service Azienda specializzata in progettazione elettronica, moduli grafici intelligenti LCD touch software consulting screen, schede automazione ARM9 ARM11 cortex atmega128 Specialized company in electronic design, Intelligent graphic modules WIRELESS SENSOR MEDICAL DEVICE SERIAL TO ETHERNET I/0 MODULE LCD touch screen software consulting, data automation ARM9 ARM11 Cortex ATMEGA128 based in Bologna, Italy